Camo Camo Camocats!

Posted on Apr 8, 2013 in art shows & events, character, needle felted
Camo Camo Camocats!

camocatsT copy

I had this story I thought of years ago of a planet of islands. On each island would live one kind of animal. When I first made Camocat in 2010, I envisioned him living on one of these islands. The premise was that Camocats came from one of the largest group of islands with a wide range of climates and terrain. Due to the environmental diversity found on this island, there are many different tribes of Camocats that inhabit different parts and they have evolved different camo patterns to suit their environment. Camocats are a warrior class and their culture revolves around stealth and fighting.

So far I have created 3 different Camocats.  Two are my characters and one is based on Konatsu’s Negora. It’s really great to see them together and see the different camo patterns and how they differ.